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Sandwiches - Creampuff Cafe

Nov. 9th, 2006

11:24 pm - Sandwiches

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We offer many types of sandwiches:

~Ham, tomato, and cheese
~Turkey and cheese
~Tuna and cheese
~Mushroom, tomato, and cheese
~House super club (Ham, turkey, cheese, tomato, three slices of bread)
~Salmon and feta wrap
~Smoked wild salmon, avocado, and tomato
~Crabmeat, avocado, and tomato on pita bread

*All our sandwiches are made with 100% whole wheat bread
**Whole grain bagette, pita bread, and wrap are also available for an additional charge of only 50 cents.
***Sandwiches come with lettuce, mayo, and margarine

We can always customize your orders. Just tell us what you like!

Questions? Comments?
Phone us at 604-730-6800
Fax us at 604-730-6880
Or drop by at 3416 West Broadway, Vancouver BC.

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